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Addaline Asphalt Maintenance, established in London, Ontario in 2004, is a family owned and managed business. Addaline serves South Western Ontario and recently expanded, adding a second location in Burlington, Ontario. We now provides service to the GTA and Niagara area.

Rod Campbell, president of Addaline, has years of experience working in the construction and property management industry. Rod’s background allows him to understand the challenges that property managers face, as well as the importance of traffic flow, safety and crystal clear communication when it comes to your property maintenance.

As Your Technology Leader in Commercial-Scale Asphalt Maintenance, Addaline is always conscious of sky-rocketing costs and the untold aggravation to property owners and managers.

At Addaline we pride ourselves on an honest, crystal clear communication system that is accomplished by using photos and images to depict every estimate, relating to every repair on every property.

At Addaline, we take pride in being a caring, environmentally conscious, honest and socially responsible company.

In addition to our asphalt maintenance and repair services, Addaline is committed to the education of property managers, facility managers, employees, committees and not-for-profit organizations. Addaline staff participate in ongoing training seminars, showing in depth presentations and explaining the technical differences and advantages of using technology to maintain your asphalt. Addaline staff study the root causes of asphalt deterioration and how to prevent this from reoccurring.

At Addaline, we understand how costly, time-consuming, frustrating and never-ending asphalt maintenance can be. We understand the even higher costs of slips, trips and falls. We are equally aware of the importance of allowing traffic to continually flow in and out of commercial, industrial and institutional properties.

At Addaline, we take pride in being a community-involved, environmentally conscious, honest and socially responsible company.

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The Addaline Leadership Team

Rod Campbell, President
Jim Campbell, Vice-President Operations