Addaline Asphalt Maintenance is your technology leader in commercial-scale asphalt maintenance.

Through innovative technology, professional service, asphalt maintenance contracts and guaranteed work, Addaline is the company of choice in Southwestern Ontario, the Golden Horseshoe and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for asphalt maintenance and asphalt repair.

Let us manage your asphalt – all year round

Addaline works with a wide variety of commercial-scale properties, from residential complexes to big box centres and retail locations. We’ve studied the root causes of asphalt deterioration and how to prevent this deterioration in the future. We have offices in London, Ontario and Burlington, Ontario to serve your needs. Our services include asphalt, pothole and catch basin repairs, line painting and crack fill.

At Addaline, we recognize the importance of safety in order to avoid slips, trips and falls. Offering guaranteed workmanship, Addaline will provide you with high-quality pavement repair keeping your asphalt in top condition all year round.