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Welcome to our App Support page!

Watch this quick overview, or choose one of the help links below.

If you need a PDF copy, there are two ways you can get it after clicking on the link we sent:

1) From the estimate details screen that shows all the photos, near the top, just below the Estimate Number, is a dropdown titled “Estimate Details”. Click on that to reveal more details about the estimate. This will show three columns of info. From the 3rd column, just below the “Declined Reason” field, click on “Estimate PDF with Photos” to get the PDF copy.

2) Click on the List tab near the top of the screen to view the list of estimates. Locate the estimate you want a PDF copy of (by scrolling, paging, or filtering), then click on the “View PDF” button on the right side of that item in the list.

Here’s a quick video that describes both processes for you:

Using the filter bar at the top of the estimate list, you can filter by things like address, city, estimate number, etc., to locate the information you want.

Clicking the “Reset” button clears all filtering.

When you login to the  portal, you will see a list of all of your estimates.

Using the Estimate Status button across the top you can filter the display to show only specific status types.

Each status is an on/off toggle, and you can toggle more than one status at a time.

Click the “All” button to return to viewing all estimate status types.

To request changes to an estimate that has not yet been approved, click “Edit/View Estimate” to see the details of that estimate, type in the details of your change request in the “Changes Requested / Note To Addaline” box, and click the “Send” button.

You can approve all, or some of, an estimate by individually clicking “Approve Photo” or “Decline Photo” until you have set all the photos to approved or declined. Or, click on “Mark All Photos Approved”.

Once your selections are complete, click “Submit” and follow the prompts.

You can request an estimate by logging in to the web portal and clicking the big green “Request Estimate” tab.


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