Crack fill—stop water from sucking the life from your lots

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

The material being applied to the cracks is hot rubber crack fill. The key to successful crack fill application is proper preparation. No need for a Texas chainsaw massacre here—just the work of a hot air lance—etching and cleaning.

Ensuring the integrity of your parking lot and stopping water from getting into and under your asphalt is key.

Water is the sinister enemy, particularly when we experience the freeze and thaw cycles we have throughout the winter. When water gets into the cracks and creates openings in your asphalt, it moves the pavement up and down, and back and forth creating weaknesses in the asphalt. It is a scary movie when these weak spots go on to form potholes.

Water can also get under the pavement and wash away the sub-base supporting the asphalt above. Pavement which is not supported will break away and form potholes.

Crack fill is a cost effective method to seal the surface of your parking lots.

Maintaining and repairing your pavement sooner rather than later is less expensive. If you do no maintenance, you will need to repave the lot earlier than necessary. Some less expensive maintenance work early on will put off the need to repave and help eliminate potential slip, trip and falls.


Cold weather is the omen—asphalt work is seasonal

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

It is psycho not to put safety first—Addaline staff accreditation

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Many of our customers have worked to streamline their work approval process by becoming members of organizations such as ContractorCheck and ComplyWorks. These independent, third party organizations ensure contractors comply with the highest health and safety standards. Addaline Asphalt Maintenance is an accredited member with both companies.

Addaline staff are also P.O.S.T. (Petroleum Oriented Safety Training) certified. Many of our customers requested P.O.S.T. certification.

Before your parking lot needs the exorcist—get the necessary repairs done

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Now is the time of year to complete your essential parking lot repairs.

Once the weather gets cold and snowy, the asphalt plants close and it becomes more expensive and more complicated to get repairs completed. Snowy weather makes it more difficult to find days when asphalt repairs can be done. Take a look at your lot and decide what will not survive the evil dead of winter.

An Addaline crew completing some seamless asphalt repairs.

Stop smaller potholes from becoming bigger. Small ankle biters turn into jaws over the winter. A seamless asphalt repair will eliminate these potholes and provides a permanent repair which will last many years. Addaline warranties repairs for two years. Residents and visitors can drive on the repair in about 45 minutes.

When a seamless asphalt repair is being done, the Addaline crew work in a small area and allow traffic to flow around them.


Avoid the horrors of broken catch basins

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017


Draining water away from your parking areas helps maintain the asphalt in your parking lots and keeps the surfaces drier preventing ice from forming reducing the possibility of trip hazards.

Experienced property managers and owners consider working, catch basins a priority. As a result, Addaline Asphalt Maintenance has started a sister company which focuses on your catch basins. Addaline staff have developed an expertise when it comes to replacing and restoring catch basins and their components. 

Catch Basin Authority (CBA), our new company, will fix your catch basins and provide you with a mapped and plotted catch basin inventory also listing the condition all your catch basins. The catch basins will be colour coded: certified, good (green), caution (yellow), or warning (red). This will let you know at a glance what your priority repairs should be.

Imagine being able to sit at your desk and tour your properties’ parking lots and deciding what needs to be done. It will all be at your finger tips. Our CBA App will give you a simple way to forecast your parking lots future repair and maintenance budgets. It will eliminate your need for travel, site visits, and meetings. The CBA App will enable you to see item-by-item detailed photos, drawings, descriptions, quoting, easy scheduling, approval and signoff; and provides a transparent, easy-to-reference not-so-paper trail.

Catch Basin Authority will mean you do not need to experience a nightmare on Elm Street catch basin, like the one on the left. This led to a surprise, emergency repair and expense.
CB Authority will help you decide when you want to do this work rather than be forced to because someone has tripped or damaged a vehicle.

CBA will also be offering maintenance contracts. The advantage of a maintenance contract is discounts on our many services— repairs and replacement of catch basins and asphalt, line painting and crack fill, as well as concrete work. Maintenance-contract customers will receive detailed photos and explanations, online organization and history of their repairs, and before and after photos with their invoices, discounted emergency winter repairs, front of the line spring repairs, and ultimate asset protection and reduced liability. Not to mention, an overall piece of mind knowing your catch basins are taken care of and one less worry.