Don’t Look Now —Time for Asphalt 101

Learn more about asphalt and earn RCM education points.

After the Addaline Asphalt Maintenance presentation, you will know more about:

  • Types of asphalt damage & repair options;
  • Difference between HL8 & HL3 asphalt;
  • Catch basin repairs and replacement;
  • Sub-base importance; Advantages & disadvantages of repaving; what to consider;
  • Why crack fill & line painting are a good idea

This educational presentation is about an hour long. If you have a group of 8 or more people, Addaline could bring the workshop to you. Contact Robin Farley at, if you are interested or call 888-355-5750. This workshop, also, provides registered condominium managers with education points.

“Get out,” you say. No, it is true. We will be offering a Catch Basin 101 class starting in 2018. Learn what you need to know so you can better understand what is going on beneath your parking lot.