Addaline team – who is helping you?

Newsletter / Fall / 2016

In the office, our Addaline team is available to help you when you call. They will answer your questions about your estimates, your approved work and completed work.


Norm Kingsbury


Jim Brinen

Asphalt Consultants, Jim Brinen and Norm Kingsbury go to your location and take a look at your parking lot. They can meet with you onsite or save you some time and go on their own. They will focus on the problem areas you have listed, or do an overall lot assessment depending on your instructions for us. Jim serves London to Windsor and all points in between. Norm serves the GTA, the Golden Horseshoe, the tri-cities and other communities in this region.

In the office, Dion Vansevenant, Ross McDermott and Robin Farley are available and happy to help you. We can request estimates for you, review your estimates, make changes to your estimates and let you know when your work is tentatively scheduled.

Improvements to the new Addaline App will soon allow you to do this yourself.

The office staff can let you know more details about the other services Addaline provides such as crack fill, line painting and concrete work.

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