Addaline app paving the way to efficiency

Newsletter / Fall / 2016

Rod Campbell, President

This is a screen shot of our Addaline App created to make your work easier. You will be able to see your estimates at any stage. You can request an estimate. You can see all your completed estimates, approve them or decline them, or select the work you want completed. The Addaline App shows you your history.

“Busy.” Now there is a buzz word to which we can all relate.

At Addaline, we know you are extremely busy and time is a valuable commodity. With that in mind we’re pleased to be able to provide you increased access and efficient functionality with our soon-to-be released Asphalt Maintenance App.

It will be a revolutionary time-saver for the management of your properties when it comes to asphalt maintenance. In addition to being able to view all of your asphalt estimates with clear photographic descriptions, the new app will provide you with your estimates faster, resulting in a quicker decision-making process which will filter down to happy tenants, residents, property owners and guests on your properties.

The app will also provide the ability to request new estimates, view scheduling (the day the work is scheduled to get under way on your properties), provide a direct path of contact, through messaging, with our field representatives and offices, and many more features, designed to save you time and maintain our promise to you of crystal clear communication.

You can share the estimates with relevant stakeholders, saving you time and streamlining your ability to organize your estimates, on your computer or on your phone.

While this aspect of the Addaline Asphalt Maintenance App is not quite ready for an official unveiling, it will be coming soon and we know it’s important to keep our valued customers informed of new developments to the services we provide.

So get ready folks, we’re about to make your job a little bit easier.

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