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Addaline’s asphalt repair and catch basin restoration services improve the safety and appearance of your property while prolonging asphalt replacement. In every case, Addaline photographs each damaged location, providing accurate estimates and timely repairs that are traffic-ready in 45 minutes. Addaline believes in crystal clear communication and base our business relationships on education, transparency and responsiveness.

Preventative maintenance comes from doing the job right, the first time

Through infrared technology, we offer the least disruptive repairs for customers and residents. With an experienced and professional team of repair crews, the Addaline difference and our two-year guarantee is our proactive approach to managing your asphalt.

Addaline provides seamless, guaranteed asphalt repair for:

  • Parking lots
  • Drive-thru’s
  • Bridges and roads
  • Speedbump repair or removal
  • Man holes
  • Catch Basins

Contact us to discuss the best solutions for your asphalt maintenance needs, or check out our Gallery to see examples of recent projects.